About Us

Boompje beestje

Boompje beestje, translated from Dutch means "Little tree, little animal"
your nature inspired stationery & gift studio shop.

Two young girls, dressed in matching outfits, smiling while lifting their fingers in the air against a background of green plants.

A Sister act - small business


Step into the world of Boompje beestje, where nature meets creativity. We are Anna and Elizabet, two sisters from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Our love for nature and crazy obsession with stationery & art sparked the creation of Boompje beestje, a cool studio shop. Our purpose is to create everyday items that capture a playful nature, crafted with quality to become cherished keepsakes.

At Boompje beestje, we celebrate NATURE through our collection
of sustainable, handmade paper goods, homewares & gifts.

An illustrated brown butterfly, caterpillar, and snail are arranged on a circular shape, that contains the letters 'Bb'. Beneath the circle, an illustrated ant can be seen carrying the copyright symbol. The background is pink and is surrounded by dots.

By Elizabet Vukovic

Original Art

Our original designs by artist Elizabet Vukovic are bold and playful with a sophisticated simplicity that captures the essence of the natural world, appealing to lovers of nature, art, and design of all ages.

Elizabet Vukovic is known for her work in numerous children's books published by Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Macmillan and others.

Screenprint supplies arranged on a table: a framed screen, a squeegee,  and three containers of three colored inks (green, blue, and yellow)  alongside. An open yellow ink container has a spatula on top.

Crafted by Hand

The Process

We make all of our paper goods in our Rotterdam studio. Each notebook is hand-bound using traditional bookbinding techniques, and all of our designs are screenprinted by hand. We use high-quality sustainable materials in everything we create. And because we always strive for uniqueness, we exclusively source our papers from renowned European suppliers known for their innovative designs and sustainable practices.

 A purple flower with green surroundings, with a bumblebee and a smaller bee.

Giving back

Return to Nature

We're not just focused on producing in a sustainable and responsible way, but we also believe in giving back to the world that inspires our creativity.
A portion of our profits goes towards supporting organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting species and their habitats.
To ensure transparency, we specify the supported organizations with the specific product.

Celebrate NATURE every day!