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Celebrate World Ocean Day!

Sea Life Ocean

Dive into the deep blue with our Sea Life Ocean Animals collection!... 

Bookmark with sea animals crab seahorses coral silhouette.

Dive into a world of nature inspired goodies

From big whale tails to tiny ant colonies,
they inspire our handmade greeting cards, notebooks, and wall art.
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Boompje beestje

About Our Stationery

Screenprint supplies arranged on a table: a framed screen, a squeegee,  and three containers of three colored inks (green, blue, and yellow)  alongside. An open yellow ink container has a spatula on top.


Boompje beestje is run by two sisters in a small studio in Rotterdam. We celebrate nature through our collection of stationery & gifts. We make it all, from the original art to handcrafting our paper goods using traditional screenprinting and bookbinding techniques.


We hope our handmade items with their original timeless playful nature designs bring nature into your daily life and become treasured keepsakes.


We get our inspiration from nature and make sure to keep the planet and human well-being in mind. We use high-quality sustainable materials from Europe (sometimes Japan), recycle, reduce waste, and support wildlife + habitat conservation causes.

Celebrate NATURE every day.

— Boompje beestje