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Boompje beestje

Harmony & Balance Bookmark

Harmony & Balance Bookmark

The Harmony & Balance Bookmark is a delightful addition to your reading.
The bookmark has a unique cut-out design featuring a dandelion, a cricket, and ants, inspired by Aesop's tale. The design symbolizes balance between work and play, with the cricket representing the carefree enjoyment of the present moment, and the ants symbolizing diligence and preparation for the future.

This bookmark is the perfect addition to any book lover's collection.

  • Design: dandelion, cricket, and ants
  • Fedrigoni Premium recycled cardstock
  • Size: 5.7 X 17.7cm (2.25 X 7in)
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Optional: Backing available
  • Design by Boompje beestje
  • Made in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Makes a great collector's item or gift for bookworms, art & nature lovers
Please note: Our cardstock is durable, but may tear. Add optional glued cardstock backing for extra durability.
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A splash of color!

Hey there! Our cardstock is no wimp, but sometimes life gets a little rough. That's when our optional cardstock backing comes to the rescue! Go crazy with the colors and we'll make sure it's glued on tight for extra toughness!