Bb Boompje beestje

What does "Boompje Beestje" mean?
"Boompje Beestje" translates to "Little tree, little animal" in Dutch. We chose this name because it reflects our love for nature and the inspiration behind our designs.
We are a nature inspired stationery and gifts shop that is fully committed to being environmentally conscious in every aspect. This includes the materials we use, our production methods, and our celebration of nature through our products.

Who are we?
Our shop is run by two inseparable sisters, Anna and Elizabet. Both stationery obsessed and nature loving since a young age. While we divide our tasks equally, Elizabet Vukovic, who is also a children's book illustrator, is responsible for all of our unique and bold designs. Our designs are characterized by a sophisticated simplicity that captures the essence of nature, making them appealing to nature lovers of all ages, as well as art and design enthusiasts.
Please note that all of our images are protected by copyright law, and reproduction without proper authorization is strictly prohibited.

Do we support nature conservation organizations?
We deeply value our products and strive to align them with our principles. For this reason, we donate a portion of our profits to a diverse range of nature conservation organizations. To ensure transparency, we specify the supported organizations with the specific product.