Let’s talk graphic papers!

Different types of notebooks consists of different types of papers.

Take our softcover notebook, they have cardboard cover paper and interior pages sometimes we add colored endpapers too but it’s not a standard.

The hardcover notebooks consist of a cover, endpapers and interior pages.

The cover can be made in different ways, the 2 ways we make them are either a greyboard (bookbinding board) covered in linnen cloth or covered in paper.

Endpapers will be colorful papers (Italian recycled Woodstock paper one of our favorites).

The interiors are the blank papers that you get to write on. We use 3 types depending on the textures and look of the notebook.

if you end up having a favorite within these three we can offer a customized notebook.

1. Woodstock Betulla


2. Freelife Kendo


3. Lessebo



Covers (softcover)


1. Keaykolour colored cardstock by Arjowiggins 


2. Gmund textured colored cardstock


3. Woodstock 


4. Materica 



Now let’s see it for our cards, greetingcards.


We use colored cardstock paper for our greeting cards, this means the whole card is colored and gives a unique card where you can add your message on colored paper that’s not printed but naturally so. how fun is that!


1. Woodstock colored cardstock by Fedrigoni 

colorsrange from dusty pink, orange to blue green and yellow.

thickness 285g

made from recycled….

uncoated means …..

made in Italy


2. Gmund Matt Colored cardstock by Gmund

colors a wide variety range from light pink, orange to blue green and bright yellow.

thickness 300g

made from recycled….

uncoated means …..

made in Germany