What kind of materials do you use?
We prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and production methods.

Our selection of papers emphasizes quality and eco-friendliness, with most being fully or partially recycled and made with sustainable energy. We use papers from the following manufacturers Fedrigioni, Favini, Lessebo, Gmund & Arjowiggins, all based in Europe (Italy, Sweden, Germany, UK, Spain). Their papers are highly certified for their sustainable manufacturing process. Learn more about our papers here.

All depictions on cards, prints and other items are screenprinted by hand, unless stated otherwise. We use archival water-based inks, Permaprint premium inks they are both eco-friendly and vegan, with ingredients that are not sourced and not tested on animals. Additionally, all plant-sourced ingredients are certified GMO-free.

Our notebooks are handmade by us in our studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The softcover notebooks are hand-sewn and threaded together, while the hardcover ones are crafted by hand using an intricate bookbinding technique. These hardcover notebooks are both hand-sewn and glued with Evacon-R, ensuring utmost durability and longevity. Evacon-R glue is a specially formulated neutral pH, non-plasticised, reversible archival paper-laminating adhesive. We use high-quality bookbinding threads, a white 18/3 thread and our signature colored dark-brown 18/3 thread.

What kind of packaging do you use?
We make use of different types of packaging for individual orders, depending on the destination and weight of the packages. Our goal is to use eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. When we do use packaging that may be less eco-friendly, we try to repurpose materials we've received ourselves such as boxes, bubble wrap, rather than letting them go to waste after just one use. Additionally, for some delicate packages that contain fragile items like mugs or glassware, we may be required by the shipping company to use stronger tape to ensure safe handling during transit. While this may not always align with our eco-friendly values, we strive to find a balance between sustainability and durability in order to ensure the safe delivery of your items.

Where are the products made?
Our papergoods, including cards, notebooks, prints, and bookmarks, are all handmade in our studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This allows us to have full control over the quality and keep the supply low, to minimize wastefulness. When we do collaborate with other businesses to produce products, we ensure that their values align with our own. Like our enamel products (tumblers) are made by a family-owned business in Poland. We offer a range of writing instruments, including renowned brands like Kaweco pens made in Germany.
This information will be provided with each product.